Jessica Simpson – A Public Affair

Avalik asi :-) 2006. aasta albumi nimilugu ja muusikavideo – ja nii kuulus pilt.

rollergirl roller skating girls rollergirls

Roller girl Jessica Simpson, A Public Affair. Moonlight Rollerway Skating Center, Glendale, California. The most filmed roller rink in the world.

Christina Milian: “Gaaad, they’re always chasing us”
Christina Applegate: “Could we be any more famous?”
Eva Longoria: “Actually girls, I think we could”
Jessica Simpson: “I wanna be so famous that every time I fall in love, Oprah does a special about it”
Milian: “I wanna be so famous that even my ex-boyfriends become famous”
Applegate: “I wanna be so famous that I have to have my babies in Africa”
Longoria: “Well I wanna be so famous that I’m the most downloaded person on the internet”
Simpson: “I wanna be more famous than the internet”
Ryan Seacrest (American Idol host): “I wanna be so famous my hair stylist gets his own show on Bravo!”

Milian: “So you guys think there are going to be more paparazzi when we get there?”
Simpson: “There better be…”

Whataffair? Via Guardian pop and rock. Häh? So famous

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