KSNYF Roller Skate Fashion

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kate spade new york fall 2012. our fall campaign video features two of our favorite things: roller skates & polka dots galore. to bring the collection to life, we transformed manhattan’s iconic robert miller art gallery into a makeshift roller rink and gave our girls colorful wheels to complement their decked-in-dots outfits—see for yourself. enjoy! (Hey Na Na – Katie Herzig lyrics)


Kate Spade Fall 2012 – flawless-desire.

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Rulluisud värske magasiini vahel. Ajakiri on Mehhiko Vokk ja punase kleidiga Candice Swanepoel on Forbese arvates maailma toppkümne modell. Ilma särgita mees on veidi kahtlane ja valged trikiuisud on Razor Genesys 9.1. Pilti väärt uus mood, fashion.

candice swanepoel in vogue magazine mexico september 2013 issue 7

Razor Genesys 9.1 skates. Candice Swanepoel, Vogue Mexico, September 2013.

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Rulluisumood – kevad 2012

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